Blog Website

About Blog Website Template.

This Blog site template is for people who want a simple Blog Website. This design is simple and easy to use, from both the authors and readers point of view. It is also easy to use and view-able on all devices. So no matter where or who you are, be you the author or a reader, you can still enjoy the simplicity of the site.

For the author:

  • 1. Using a CMS to change/modify content.
  • 2. Add, edit and delete posts/articles.
  • 3. Add, edit and delete categories.
  • 4. Create navigation structure.
  • 5. Monitoring level options for comments and spam.
  • 6. Having social media linked to the website eg; Facebook.
  • 7. view-able (responsive) on all common devices.
  • 8. Hassle free sitemap.

For the reader:

  • 1. Quick and easy user signup and login.
  • 2. Social media feeds like Facebook.
  • 3. All content available within 3 clicks.
  • 4. All content view-able on all common devices.
  • 5. All content has been made as intuitive as possible to access.