BMI Calculator

About BMI Calculator

This is a working body mass index calculator (BMI) I did in cert 4 web design. A BMI calculator is used to calculate your overall health by using your height and weight. It used to highlight the correct sentence for easier reading by the user. However, since then I’ve somehow broken it and never been back to fix it.

It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The JavaScript function is a very simple one. To first work out your BMI, a calculation needs to be made from your height and weight. After storing your inputted data, the code calculates that data. After the calculation is made, the results are outputted to show you your health ratio number. That number is then compared to a few different results which indercates your overall health. Okay yes there is a little bit more to it but that’s the main nuts and bolts of the BMI calculator.

Future updates:

  • 1. Fix the correct displaying of sentences after completing a calculation.
  • 2. Make it look flashy.
  • 3. Add recommended health advise for the calculated result.
  • 4. Add live calculation to show the inner workings.
  • 5. Have male and female options for the calculation.