Car Hangman

About Car Hangman

Car Hangman was made back when I was doing cert 3 web design at TAFE. The assignment was, for everyone to make a hangman game using JavaScript with some simple imagery to illustrate the traditional game. At the time mine was well liked because of its simple yet funny adaptation by using animated gifs. My original goal for this game was to upload it to the app store for others to enjoy, however more impotent things kept getting in the way, aka school and life in general.

Future updates:

  • 1. Be able to add your own words to the already huge list of words (over 80 last count).
  • 2. Change the animated gif images to a swf file (yes flash animation).
  • 3. Upload it to the app store so that people can download it.
  • 4. Make a SPA version for people who don’t want to download it from the app store.
  • 5. Assigning added words to custom lists with their own custom theme for the user to choose from.

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