Father’s Home Page

screen shot of Fathers Home Page

About Father’s Home Page.

Father’s Home Page is an multi-award winning Blog website. The site is owned by my father, the Reverend Father Maximiadis, who is a retired Greek Orthodox Priest. He is a very worldly and intelligent man who enjoys debates and writing nail-biting articles to help teach people from all works of life.

From the beginning he has built his own website for almost 20 years, and over the years it has taken on a few changes (this is version 5). During the many years of being online he has also added many articles and won many awards for his design and content. However, now because of his health he is no longer able to continue writing articles and applying for awards.

The main Goals of the website.

Firstly, bring it up-to-date in the looks and layout and at the same time removing the need to do any coding.

Secondly, to be a place where people can read his articles and view his achievements, while bringing in new readers via social media to start discussions on his articles. It also incorporates Facebook’s comment API while being mobile and tablet accessible.

About The Design.

This website design is very similar to my blog template. In fact it uses that very template as its base for which I expanded on. Apart from being just a simple Blog site, one of the main things he wanted, was to have his quotes that where in each article to stand out by having them have a large margin on both sides of each quote. The way I got around this problem was to have anything that he Italicized to have the large margin on both sides. This simple styling would allow him to no longer do any coding unlike what he was doing in all his previous website versions.