Lismore Timbers & Plywood

screen shot of Lismore Timber and Plywood

About Lismore Timbers & Plywood.

Lismore Timbers & Plywood is a timber milling company located in North Lismore in Northern Rivers NSW. They buy and sell pre-cut timber as well as machine pre-cut timber. Their clientele range form artists to carpenters and builders. Their niche is the extremely affordable machining of per-cut timber.

While they do have a Facebook page to help promote their business, the only other way they advertise, is through the local radio and occasionally in the Village Journal and Northern Star newspapers. They believe that a website would help them expand in both pre-cut timber and machined timber, while being more competitive with other companies in the area.

The main goal of their website is to showcase their products and regular clients work, display their latest special deals, latest news and having a contact page for potential clients to contact them via email. Apart from the normal ability to add, edit and delete content on their website, they also wanted it to be integrated with their Facebook page and to be responsive on mobile and tablet devices.