Portfolio Website

About Portfolio Website Template.

This Portfolio Website template is for people who want a simple way to showcase their Portfolio. This design is simple and easy to use, from both the authors and readers point of view. It is also easy to use and view-able on all devices. So no matter where or who you are, be you the author or a reader, you can still enjoy the simplicity of the site. The main unique feature of this template is its overall simple clean design and its gallery page. When viewing the gallery page on different devices, it will change between having 4 columns to having 3 or 2 depending on the device you are using.

For the author:

  • 1. Using a CMS to change/modify content.
  • 2. Add, edit and delete posts/articles.
  • 3. Add, edit and delete categories.
  • 4. Create navigation structure.
  • 5. view-able (responsive) on all common devices.
  • 6. Hassle free (auto updating) sitemap.

For the reader:

  • 1. All content available within 2-3 clicks.
  • 2. All content view-able on all common devices.
  • 3. All content has been made as intuitive as possible to access.