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About Shopping Cart

This shopping cart was first created during my Diploma at TAFE. The task was to make a basic working shopping cart that remembered when the user returned within 10 days and display what they had sitting in their shopping cart before purchasing, while integrating it into PayPal. We could use any coding language we liked, but couldn’t use a CMS or E-commerce website, it had to be built from scratch. I chose to use JavaScript as the main language to build a cookie to store the users data, and to do all the back-end heavy lifting, as it where. There are many other ways that I could have done the same thing eg: php talking to a database, jquery to build a text file or cookie, etc.

Future updates:

  • 1. Add a live countdown instead of counting up.
  • 2. Display images of products.
  • 3. Display the users products they just purchased after coming back from PayPal.
  • 4. Add more hacking prevention measures.

NOTE: If nothing is working it might be because you have JavaScript turned off in your browser. Go to your browser setting and make sure JavaScript is turned on to fix this issue. If your viewing this through a smart phone it will not create the cookie for you, but all the functionality will still work it just wont remember you if you return before the cookie expires after adding something to your shopping cart.